5″ gauge Part Built LMS ‘ROYAL SCOT’

This part built model in 5″ gauge is being built to the ‘GREENLEY’ design and is a three cylinder model but with slide valves as opposed to piston valves of the other design from Martin Evans. There is a rolling chassis with cylinders installed but the steam chest and valve gear still need completing, however the valve gear for the centre cylinder is almost complete with only the connecting rod to finish. Some materials for the boiler are supplied, mostly a full set of flanged plates. Some additional casting come in the kit, together with a set of name plates. Material can also be included to complete the valve gear.The tender is almost complete and is built as a welded item so there is no rivet detail on the outside. Drawings for both designs are included with these parts. £1100.00005 Royal Scot Project02005 Royal Scot Project01    005 Royal Scot Project03005 Royal Scot Project12005 Royal Scot Project11005 Royal Scot Project10005 Royal Scot Project09005 Royal Scot Project08005 Royal Scot Project06005 Royal Scot Project07005 Royal Scot Project04005 Royal Scot Project05005 Royal Scot Project17005 Royal Scot Project16005 Royal Scot Project15005 Royal Scot Project14 005 Royal Scot Project13