7.25” gauge Driving Truck

This commercially made 7.25” gauge riding truck would be suitable for use particularly with narrow gauge designs. Fitted with a disc brake on one axle this four wheeled truck  is cleverly designed with foot boards which fold away and lock during transportation and the long handbrake lever is also removable giving a quite compact truck. There is a seat cushion. Internally the truck is empty but would make suitable space for coal, a water tank or tools storage as required which would be helpful, especially for a water tank if you required an additional supply for a locomotive. The wheels are steel and to a narrow gauge profile. The truck has an overall length of 36” and is 15” wide so quite a substantial truck and equally heavy. As this item is almost new with no real signs of use and similar commercial items a quite pricey I think this is good value.                                                                                  £650.00452993FB-D6E9-4CD1-A241-51BA347BD8DF BB3083D3-EE5A-4979-9E64-CF9EDF48EC09 93B80847-9860-4DF1-A0B1-C0CC5A1C0572 71D5C593-8FFB-4923-B53E-CD0B0A464350 E6CC5B64-C519-42A6-810D-554CBAECF148 87375A3F-AF9C-4814-818C-C644AC2C0E36