3.5” gauge ‘MOLLY’ LMS ‘Jinty’ tank locomotive

Another new arrival is this LMS  ‘JINTY’ class tank locomotive to LBSC’s  ‘MOLLY’ design in 3.5” gauge. Last steamed about 18 years ago the model has been in dry storage ever since. The mechanics of this model appear to be in good condition but there is no current or past boiler history although the model has seen use in the past.

I am therefore selling this as a project needing re-commissioning and testing as necessary. The plain black paintwork has suffered during storage and I am sure that a repaint would enhance the appearance of this model.

There is also a small 3.5” gauge bogie riding truck and some sections of track which are included with the model. The track is sections made up from steel angle and makes up quite a short run. The model also comes with a storage box and some equipment to assist with firing up the model. Overall quite a nice package and a interesting start point for someone who may be new to live steam models.                                                                                                      £1650.008CCA6255-16D0-45BC-936A-A051078FCE05 6FF513CA-E990-4791-9320-35C46E154FDB C58837C8-0E9A-4345-8C2A-BE21E3B707CA 5EB17E0D-18A8-4514-8847-F44F07AF2049 CD0C63BA-15A7-4A5C-BDCB-0DF5E575EC3E D5F658DD-FE5A-4F6D-BCCE-FDC59FD9566D8D386F6B-7302-4764-B54F-829C999325B070464F1D-BD57-4288-B478-F2F2F5747D5EA4929E1D-E927-4F63-94FC-EEF7ABE9B5FC5D83DA0F-B2F5-4649-8416-EAF9A39E716F455ECE45-ABB8-4619-B983-193847541091D00AD73B-241F-4924-BA4D-A8219AEB485E