3.5” gauge ‘TICH’ 0-4-0 tank locomotive

Here we have a well engineered model to LBSC’s ‘TICH’ design, the model has however suffered in the paint department. Built to the small boiler design, the model is well engineered with full walschaerts valve gear actuating the cylinders as welll as being fitted with full brake gear and a handbrake. The boiler is made of copper and nicely silver soldered but there is no paperwork or test result to confirm it’s condition. This is therefore a project model which will require a full check, testing and commissioning before use.
The paint work has suffered because the plate work is made of zintec and has never been etch primed, which has resulted in the paintwork peeling, as can be seen in the pictures. With a nice repaint and general clean this would make an excellent example of TICH if you were looking for a nice display item which is a little different.                                               £1100.00F10A4443-2530-4605-85B0-9E1A4CE7E50E 43680445-0A15-4EA7-90C6-37EFC56F1C19 C1F2D215-182F-4971-8409-00D2BAC2028F 1011A52D-0DAD-4709-9502-989EF94F2360 5533CCA9-6DF4-4FD1-924C-200E4D873B61