3.5” gauge SOUTHERN RAILWAY Q1 class locomotive

Here we have a Southern railway class Q1 model in 3.5” gauge built by the designer to verify his drawings for the design and carry out any modification needed to prove the design. Having now used the model on several occasions it is now available to purchase.

The model has been built with water supply via a vertical hand pump in the tender, an injector or from an axle driven pump under the tender as there is no space, with this design, for an axle pump on the locomotive. This is a little unusual but apparently works very well and therefore covers the current regulations.

Oil feed for the cylinders is via a site feed system again due to space limitations of fitting any kind of mechanical system.

The model has current boiler certification and past boiler history. The boiler is not a commercial item having also been built by the designer to confirm his design work and insure the item was practical for anyone to build.

I think that the pictures give a clear indication of the models design and current condition. If you require more information about the design then the published articles in Model Engineer will provide everything that you need to know and there is feedback from the designer, on line, about the model as well.                                                                                                               £3450.00