5” gauge SIMPLEX STYLE gas fired 0-6-0 tank locomotive.

An unusual 5” gauge model of a SIMPLEX style locomotive which has been built to be gas fired. Initial inspection has shown that this is NOT a normal locomotive type boiler that has been gas fired but a design conceived by the builder, a competent marine engineer, from his own thoughts. I have seen pictures of this engine running quite successfully but will not be making any attempts to run this model at present. It is therefore being sold very much as a project for any purchaser to fully investigate the firing system or alternatively remove the boiler and replace with a conventional coal fired boiler. With more time I would investigate the gas firing further but have neither time or inclination to do so. The model would come complete with a ground level riding truck and an additional wagon which carries the gas cylinder. Like the Simplex from the same collection the model has been built for ground level use and features axle pump, hand pump and injector for the water feeds together with a mechanical lubricator for the cylinder lubrication. An unusual model worth inspecting and may be the way to go if coal becomes more difficult to obtain for us modellers.                                       £2450.00