STUART TWIN VICTORIA Stationary engine

Here we have a model built to the STUART TWIN VICTORIA design which unusually is fitted with two flywheels the smaller one being the addition. Finished to a nice standard and fitted with a governor and mechanical lubricator the model runs well on compressed air with no noise and the governor acting nicely to restricted the speed. I think the pictures will give you enough information about the condition.                NOW SOLD                                            £550.004ABED8E4-8B7D-4EE0-8697-0501388CA91046FA102B-F47A-450D-92E3-32B48B437891  1F30918E-0116-4349-8D87-A65CCE277461 165CF8A4-26D5-4860-9B0B-CA75B1135D59 3CA4E11D-F295-4467-ABBB-7E4994483D03 1B9515F0-DB8E-490A-B6F3-6A7E47268EC1 5A63ACEA-4973-4EE1-8FE8-B1D6B84143E1 794FCD2B-150D-417B-9FA3-690E26199569 48D36928-C96D-4895-98D4-176BE84C70AD FE39C3AE-812A-4A03-A9D6-C4060271B7AE