5” Gauge SIMPLEX 0-6-0 locomotive

This is a standard SIMPLEX which has been finished and painted but never used. The model is therefore a project to check and commission before use with everything necessary to give a running locomotive in a very short amount of time. The boiler would appear to be of commercial construction however there is no paperwork to this effect only that there is a CE mark and details on the backhead.  I have not tried this model on compressed air as I suspect the model needs its valve timing set as there are no locks on the return cranks.

The model has a hand pump, axle pump, and injector for water feed, together with a mechanical lubricator for cylinder lubrication. Unusually the hand pump for the water feed is mounted on the footplate for ease of access. The model is built with an open cab, no roof together with a cut out in the bunker for ease of firing. This detracts slightly from the nice lines of a Norma SIMPLEX but will make for an easier driving situation especially if the model were used on a ground level track like the previous owner had.                                                  £2450.00