5” gauge Locomotive with Vertical Boiler

A  locomotive with a vertical boiler similar in style to ’CHALONER’ having a twin cylinder vertical engine linked to the axles by a chain drive. I suspect this model is to the builder’s own design and unfortunately I can’t ask. The boiler is nicely made but is of steel construction with no paperwork or material details. I have had the model running on compressed air but it is still very tight and has never been steamed. I think the pictures will give you the best idea of what the model is like, so look at those carefully and if you require more information please ask. The model is fitted with a mechanical lubricator for the cylinder lubrication. Water feed is catered for by hand pump, injector and a pair of axle pumps each with there own bypass valves. There are no cylinder drain valves fitted at this time, these were plugged when the model was tested on air and are metric threads as is most of the rest of the model.                                                POA