Skate for 5” gauge

This skate was originally built to take a Sweet Pea locomotive and allow the owner to move it more easily into and out of his vehicle but keep the model securely fixed to the skate and therefore avoid additional securing once in the vehicle ,except a single locking strap to prevent movement. The brass pads on the underside giving less friction and making for easier movement over any surface. The locking bar and screws, to hold the model, are missing but these are easy items to make. Might well suit other 5” engines of a similar length to a Sweet Pea. Most model engineers are practical people and should understand how useful this could be.                                                                                                                                                  £10.00 o.n.o396CDEB8-ADC1-4468-B791-46E7B54C63F0 7092A54A-6F16-40BC-86F4-BBB8BE3D14D6