Modified Car Jacks

This is a pair of car jacks which have been modified and fitted with a worm drive. When mounted on a suitable board they could be used to make a lift up/ turn over device for working on your model . Suitable for anything 5” gauge or less and would need some work to set up for whatever model one has, setting the distance apart for your model and making suitable fixings to attach the model to each jack. Unsuitable for my workshop so surplus to requirements  There is no handle to fit the worm drive and a suitable system of locking things in position needs to be devised.           NOW SOLD                                                                                              £40710FCFA6-23DD-414E-80E4-2331F56291AD ADDB6B86-F346-4BDF-AD07-EB5EE51BDF3E B14736A1-DE05-4B11-B3D7-CF44A9C02AB1