5” Gauge “BUTCH” 0-6-0 Tank Locomotive

A 5” gauge model “BUTCH’ built to the Kennions design which is based on the GSWR locomotive of this design which is now in the Glasgow Transport Museum.  The locomotive is in full working order with current boiler certification and past boiler history. The boiler is a commercially built item from the well respected company Western Steam and there is their original test paperwork and specification with the model.  Built by an experienced modeller the fit and finish of the wheels and motion is good with sound plate work. A removable rear panel is fitted to form the rear of the cab and bunker, which allows good access to the footplate when the model is in use. A hand pump is fitted across the bunker for easy access and there is also an axle pump, as per the design. There is no injector fitted but both the other pumps work well. Cylinder lubrication is by mechanical pump fitted between the frames behind the smoke box, a little tiresome for access but works well. Painted in plain black with no lettering this model is a reasonable candidate for a repaint in full GSWR livery like the full size No 9 is in the transport museum, of which there are several pictures on the internet.                           £3250.00B8EC477F-F591-48CA-87AB-8CB8DBB2FD14 9A1BDEC8-EA17-4797-A1BC-C738989B06A2 021A87B7-F191-4B84-A0ED-9B87B5BF99EF 083C5403-CB08-435C-8090-05816139DFA7 68FB1843-6574-4148-B457-30CBE81BC86DD1BF86AF-B60A-4D9A-8D4B-23F41A0613CC