5” Gauge GWR 0-6-0 PANNIER Tank

A nice model of a GWR Pannier tank locomotive built to the LBSC design ‘PANSY’.

This model is in full working order with current boiler certification. Two injectors are fitted but only one is currently plumbed in for water feed together with a hand pump mounted in the bunker, a much more convenient location than in a side tank. Cylinder lubrication is by a mechanical pump mounted between the frames in front of the cylinder block.As the pannier tanks are only of small capacity the previous owner has stopped using these and has worked all the water supply from a tank on the riding truck, and the plumbing altered accordingly. It will therefore be necessary to allow for this as a purchase consideration and I could supply a suitable truck at additional cost if required. A set of panniers made in brass are also available should the steel items fitted seem inappropriate.
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