3.5” gauge SECR Class L 4-4-0 tender locomotive

       Having sold this model some nine years ago as a project model with much work completed and yet more to do it is nice to see now in its finished state. Started by a member of SMEE to his own design and castings the model had much initial research carried out and all this comes with the model. When It arrived with me it was obvious the builder was expecting to complete the model to exhibition standards and I am pleased to say the model has been completed to this high standard by the second builder. Now complete and having only run on air we are reluctant to fire this model and spoil the superb paintwork and lining of the SECR green and maroon livery. The builder commission transfers for the lettering on the model as well as having numbers and a builders plate made as well, to give the final touches. Rarely do models of this quality and finish come on to the open market and I hope that the selection of pictures give one some idea of this, but viewing in person is recommended. Whilst the finish is exhibition standard, the builder has kept the model so that it could be used if desired. Two injectors are fitted for water feed and sight feed lubrication is fitted for lubrication of the cylinders. There are piston valves used for steam feed to the cylinders as there would have been on the full size engines. A hand pump fitted to a tank for attachment to a riding truck with plumbing on the locomotive is also provided which means there is no unsightly slot cut in the top of the tender, thus keeping up the high build standard. If you require more information or pictures on excellent model which is probably unique then please contact me.           £7500.00DSCF2555 copyDSCF2548 copyDSCF2551a copyDSCF2576 copyDSCF2561 copyDSCF2579 copyDSCF2565 copy