5” gauge 48XX 0-4-2 tank locomotive

There are a number of versions of this model in circulation but only a few are built, like this one, to the Neville Evans design DIDCOT. This is a well built model which has not seen that much use. I have past boiler history and I am awaiting completion of the current boiler certification the model having past a hydraulic test.

The model is fitted with two injectors and a hand pump for the water feed and has a mechanical lubricator for the cylinder oil. I have fitted a new water gauge of commercial manufacture as the original was of home construction and the fittings were completely misaligned leading to failure of the gauge under pressure.

From the boiler history the model was built in 2013 by Mr.J.Roberts for use on his own railway with a working pressure of 70psi. The model is nicely painted in GWR livery with the roundel for the lettering on the side tanks.
I will be completing the boiler certification before sale and the asking price includes this test.

NOW SOLD                                                                   £4250.00