4” Scale Ruston Proctor 3 ton steam tractor


This is one of WINSON/MODELWORKS kits for this small 4” scale  steam tractor of which a number have been completed and are running well. The full size engine makes a small design and this leaves to a small and perhaps more practical 4” scale model.  Unfortunately the part built model has been poorly stored and there is surface rust on most parts of the items so far constructed. I would advise a complete strip down and start from scratch of the major components already assembled, removing the rust as necessary and painting parts as the model is reassembled. There are several additional boxes containing, as far as we are aware, all the remaining parts required to complete the model together with the parts lists and instructions. We also have the initial shell test certificate and the material specifications for the steel boiler. There is damage to the base casting for the chimney which is the only problem we have seen during inspection, this will either require welding or a better replacement making.

This will make a good option for someone wanting a smaller size 4” model over a shorter period than building from scratch.                                                                                              £3995.00