5″ gauge ‘EVENING STAR’ 9F 2-10-0 tender locomotive

This model is part way through construction from a set of kit by WINSON/MODELWORKS and has a completed and painted tender together with most of the necessary components for completion of the locomotive. I am currently awaiting the arrival of the modified cylinders which should allow satisfactory completion of the loco. There is past boiler history for the boiler and considerable work has been completed on the construction of the locomotive. Best to view the pictures for a clear idea of the stage these items are at. I have been advised that the cylinders will be forwarded to me shortly and I will clarify this when they have arrived. Most of the minor items not shown in the pictures are also with this model so completion should be quite straight forward.                                                                                 £4250.00DSCF4099 DSCF4100 DSCF4101 DSCF4102 DSCF4103 DSCF4104 DSCF4105 DSCF4106 DSCF4107 DSCF4108 DSCF4109 DSCF4110 DSCF4111 DSCF4112 DSCF4113