5” Gauge MAID OF KENT Project

Another MAID OF KENT project but this time for an inside cylinder version with an air running chassis and a belpaire boiler with club hydraulic certificate. The tender is almost complete only requiring a small amount of final plumbing and painting. The loco requires some more work to complete but all major components appear to be present. Fitting up of the boiler and plumbing this in together with fitting up the blackhead with fittings are the main requirements, together with finalising the cladding and painting before the model should be complete. Obviously things will come to light as the project progresses but I can’t see any major problems with this models completion. Have a look at the pictures and if you have any particular queries please ask. At present I have no pictures of the tender to post but these can be obtained on request. Please note there are a number of the smaller parts required to complete this model included in the listing together with drawings and a number of photographs for reference.    £2750.00 E331A794-20A2-4660-AC9C-0486DF5FD31C4A1AB5D2-3714-4436-822F-6A9291BC6598AF3F2058-08ED-4A46-B99D-BC3A3F0B70E6E42BA350-6E97-4420-8A94-CB5E1952C4BF158747AE-45CD-4BBA-97EE-049A9992F8A0BD2EF584-209D-4959-9953-72DB444C069A75E3D314-E56D-435E-96CA-D2F368EC1C9BF4AC34C2-D183-400E-A4D9-517509ED68589FE15923-0C0F-4714-8753-C7F69A365869FBD120D7-41C6-4553-BBEE-9F6E7D6CBA3AB2CF8295-6F1E-4C9C-A8B5-8D3E40E00EA5