5” gauge Passenger Truck

This bogie passenger truck has been used as a driving truck on a ground level track. The truck is four feet long and has brakes fitted to one bogie. There are two compartments under the seat which could be used for the storage of tools and supplies like coal and water. Not a lot more one can say so view the pictures and see what you think. If this does not meet your needs then I do have a few other trucks which may well suit. Please email or call and ask for details.                                                                                                                                             £425.00CF70F9ED-58BA-406D-9FCA-FB5029103D4B 6E45D269-3B96-48A3-A7DD-68978808120E 641F2495-8358-426A-B8F8-11AED5321650 DDF4DE52-A04C-4943-BB4B-0E513EEE3A42 83B88117-D2EC-4AD8-8127-49C4AF79BE0D B10D0AB1-A86F-4732-91ED-B44FECE2ED35 770FF4D5-E001-47C2-B647-60472C612163