5” gauge railway track

100 meters of aluminium 5” gauge railway track which was laid as an circuit around the main lawn at the owner’s house together with two points which were in the circuit, one leading to his storage shed and the other as a trailing point to a siding. There are both straight and curved sections each around two and a half meters long and the points are quite large radius. A number of the softwood sleepers will need replacing having been down as a track fo some ten years but I have a stock of tantalised sleepers which are available and can be included in the price. The track has been lifted and stored away to avoid theft so please contact us if you are interested. This is currently stored in Kent and I would need to arrange collection from there before delivery.                            NOW SOLD                                                                               £580.00ADD8EED8-3C02-475A-B13F-CB79382ED2C5 D539C47F-0D9D-412B-9FD6-78E62800D832 D65CFDBC-82FE-4B0B-A77E-60EB0A61B32E