5” Gauge SWEET PEA Locomotive with tender

This is another of this popular 5” gauge design but on this occasion it comes complete with the tender designed for Sweet Pea, which has coal space and provides an external water supply for the injector. The paintwork is tired and would certainly improve the appearance of the model by a repaint. Mechanically it has since use but I have just renewed the boiler paperwork so it has current certification as well as past history. There are two mechanical lubricator fitted one for each cylinder which is an advantage. Water feed to the boiler comes from a hand pump, in the usual place for Sweet Pea, under the left hand footplate, an axle pump with bypass and an injector with water feed from the tender rather than the saddle tank.

I think the pictures will give a reasonable idea of its condition so there is not much else I can add.               Asking price.                                                                                                           £3350.00   A740B64F-4668-4F8E-AB26-04485CE340F900D503DB-422B-449E-9291-08264077E19860922EA8-4633-4ED6-83A4-43D4C3505D97C4DCA777-A708-4951-AE47-75EEBD7928D8C6FBF376-1C1B-4F94-AE7F-88AEA2F06802EB542CFC-ED51-4FB8-B7A3-C10225420DA5BDFF05FC-0937-416A-9BC3-522C5CC72A345F8746D6-8814-48B9-9A61-F2111E0B1567