5” Gauge POLLY 3 0-6-0 Tank Locomotive

Another model from the popular POLLY range of models. This is a model that we sold about ten years ago and has recently returned. During its stay at a private railway it has been carefully looked after and not used excessively so is in much the same condition as we sold it.

There are a few changes from the standard Polly model in that this one has had the axle pump removed and is now fitted with two injectors together with a hand pump for the water feed. The current style of mechanical lubricator available on POLLY models, is fitted for the cylinder lubrication and these are reliable and adjustable. There is past boiler history with this model and I will be renewing the certification so the model will be ready for use. a back panel has also been fitted across the cab which makes this much sturdier.

I have always liked these POLLY models and have found them to be excellent models especially for those wanting something as a first steam model. If you have no machining facilities spares are available off the shelf, mostly, from POLLY’s themselves.              £3450.00764ACEF4-2BE6-41EB-912B-A48D5FA646BDE2CD4065-D04A-42A3-86B4-84395F6E4FA1AF38A556-43F1-46E7-9906-27CE57E7EA3DC22B0BCF-C8C5-48C1-B4CB-40DF3EC785C91928CC77-78F2-4522-9860-C85D795D4EEDC754268C-A168-4C83-9842-652175D3079453165485-E066-4243-96AE-6A43058FCF7ED0181BCA-2E3A-4678-AFC8-78F388310BDF09797E11-603A-40BB-B50B-4938C4D4387459887409-5582-44FC-9E83-8D9FFE6738E2