2” scale FOWLER class A7 traction engine

This is a new model built to exhibition standards and has current hydraulic certification on the boiler but has never been steamed.

Built to the 2” scale design by MJ Engineering and I hope that the pictures do it justice. Difficult to really give much more information as it would best to view this model to truly appreciate the quality of build. Comes with drawings, the construction book from MJ, and the commercial paperwork for the boiler from WESTERN STEAM.

At a recent auction a similar model, which had received a Bronze Medal at an exhibition and was mounted in a glass case fetched the sum of £12000 on the hammer and this excluded the buyer’s premium and VAT. That model did not have, in my opinion, as nice a paintwork or lining as this model and I very much doubt it had working sprung lamps fitted. I am therefore looking for a similar figure for this exceptional model.                                          £10000.00 o.n.oE7DEA88D-974F-4A7B-9594-684AE3B50E0B BDA77720-B866-4F9E-A92C-B72CD8E1BDCB 7CBF1AFD-5F05-4CE3-9392-30F04658A418 70183744-E84E-4573-A6BA-6C7A96241F71 D627AA4F-5E86-43F9-81CC-6626D2643CBC 61383971-5726-4B4C-88D0-84E1D664B3D9 7A713AF6-5F85-4389-AC32-D14D851B8681 84702147-DDC8-4AC7-A1DA-B8FF428F61CC 42FFC634-533D-44D6-A7E2-4AC7ACDA9DAE 7FAF895F-5B3D-4BC9-A244-08280C2DF798 728A2506-428D-455E-8A92-CF50118E4C6A FC5AEC8F-0090-4213-99E6-029720E8157C EA1E4A2C-4570-46B4-9149-CF185A960A33 3727E343-ED30-4529-933E-F7A343B40C9F 5FE8FAB7-1073-4A72-BB20-B88FC9065BDF DFBC0487-2AD4-451D-A6B6-050909677D6C E8F9FB66-1934-43B7-8057-08982F523500 437B0C63-E0E8-4BAB-8E0E-9CB30DD8BC30 5614414B-5CBA-461D-BC35-E62756665DFA BDB1EDCB-CA92-4B0C-A690-720A22C44C0D