5″ gauge POLLY 3 0-6-0 tank locomotive

Another of the popular locomotives from the POLLY range. This is the 0-6-0 tank locomotive version POLLY 3. The model is in as new condition having only been steamed on a couple of occasions until it was carefully stored away. There are a couple of blemishes on the paintwork which have occurred during storage but nothing to stop the model from being used.

I have been over the model and run it on compressed air and everything is functioning correctly. I am awaiting the chance to have this models paperwork renewed but do have some past boiler certification from the Nottingham club.

These Polly models are an excellent way for a steam enthusiast to have a working model without the wait while building from scratch and with spares available off the shelf from Polly should anything go wrong. They  work extremely  well and are reasonably easy for a novice driver to fire up and run.                                                   £3695.00IMG_1676   IMG_1681 IMG_1684IMG_1682 IMG_1678IMG_1680 IMG_1686 IMG_1689 IMG_1690