7.25″ gauge ‘RAILMOTOR’ 0-4-0 locomotive

Built to Don Young’s design for this 7.25″ gauge locomotive. This model is complete and makes a reasonably compact but quite powerful locomotive. Built with a commercial boiler from Swindon boilers we are just organizing new certification on the boiler and this will be done before sale. The model will therefore be fully commissioned before sale so if you are looking for a compact 7.25″ gauge locomotive with reasonable pulling power this model may well suit your requirements. Fitted with two small bore axle pumps and an injector for the boiler water feed and individual mechanical  lubricators on each running board for the supply of cylinder lubrication. The paintwork is not special and the colour choice is certainly not mine. A repaint would certainly improve the external appearance of this model. This model is well engineered but has seen little use since completion..                                                                 £4250.00

DSCF3844 DSCF3845 DSCF3848 DSCF3849 DSCF3850 DSCF3851 DSCF3852 DSCF3853 DSCF3854 DSCF3855 DSCF3856