2″ scale BURRELL Gold Medal Tractor Project

This is a good start to build a 2″ scale BURRELL ‘Gold Medal Tractor’ to the MJ engineering design.  Would appear to be a set of casting, which appears incomplete, together with a complete but untested boiler,complete set of wheels, Hornplates, smoke box,part machined crankshaft, flywheel. There is only the final drive gear with the other gearing needed. No plans or construction booklet but these are still available from MJ  Engineering together with the missing castings.                                                                                                            £995.00   DSCF3761 DSCF3762 DSCF3763 DSCF3764 DSCF3765 DSCF3766DSCF3772DSCF3767 DSCF3768 DSCF3769 DSCF3770 DSCF3771