2″ scale ‘MINNIE’ project.

  This project is a good start to building a 2″ scale ‘MINNIE’ . There is a boiler with hornplates attached which has a past boiler certificate from Guildford Model Engineering Society for the initial hydraulic test. Fully built set of wheels, the front wheels are mounted on the completed front axle, smoke box with chimney and door, a full set of gears including the differential, brake and winding drums, flanged plates for the bunker/tender in copper, together with crankshaft, flywheel and cylinder block. The latter is partially machined with the liner fitted. There is also the mason book on building the 1″ scale ‘Minnie’ from which this model is scaled up. Similar in many ways to the other model we sold back in 2017 which lacked wheels but had some motion parts made.              SOLD                                                           £2195.00       DSCF3773



   DSCF3780 DSCF3779 DSCF3778 DSCF3777 DSCF3776 DSCF3781 DSCF3782 DSCF3783 DSCF3784 DSCF3785 DSCF3786 DSCF3787 DSCF3788 DSCF3789 DSCF3790 DSCF3791 DSCF3792 DSCF3793 DSCF3794 DSCF3795 DSCF3796 DSCF3797 DSCF3798