3.5″ gauge 2-6-2 tank locomotive project

It would appear from the outside cylinders mounted on this 2-6-2 chassis that someone has decided to take the ‘PRINCESS MARINA’ design and turn it into a 2-6-2 tank locomotive. The chassis looks to be complete to the rolling stage with the cylinders mounted, these being both cylinder and steam chest for outside Walschaerts motion. This would probably make a reasonable start for an LMS 2-6-2 tank locomotive of either the Fowler or Stanier design. There is a boiler with this chassis which may be salvageable but is currently not fitted with any side stays between the outer rapper and the firebox.                                                                                            £350.00DSCF3858 DSCF3859 DSCF3860 DSCF3861 DSCF3862 DSCF3863