5″ gauge ‘PANSY’ GWR Pannier Tank Locomotive.

Currently I have a choice of THREE of these models all built to the same stage by the builder.The workmanship is of an excellent standard and all the chassis move freely and the motion would appear to be complete.The boilers are all built to the original LBSC design and are well built with clean silver soldering. We expect to carry out hydraulic tests on these items and discuss with our inspector any requirements with regards to possible modifications requires to the back head fittings such that they are serviceable items. A considerable amount of the plate work has been made including three very nice sets of panniers, running boards and  splashers, and most of three cabs. I have attached pictures of one of these models. If one is of interest I am prepared to sell them separately. Price will be subject to the results of the boiler tests. I do also have a fourth boiler made at the same time by the builder and to the same high standard which is available separately,price on request.   ALL SOLD        £1900.00 eachDSCF3725 DSCF3726 DSCF3728 DSCF3729 DSCF3730 DSCF3731 DSCF3732 DSCF3733