3.5″ gauge ‘HEILEN LASSIE’ project.

This model has reached the stage of having an almost complete chassis with all motion and cylinders in place together with an almost complete boiler, requiring firebox stays fitting.  There is also a suitable tender for this model which has come to me from another source but is correct for this model. It is elderly but will refurbish and provide the necessary tender.

 This model makes a powerful pacific type locomotive in 3.5″ gauge and I remember when I first became interested in Model engineering being pulled around the Guildford club track as a paying passenger behind one of these models together with perhaps four or five other passengers.  3.5″ gauge PACIFIC style models are often underrated but do make quite a useful model capable of pulling reasonable loads.                                                             £975.00


DSCF3885 DSCF3886 DSCF3887 DSCF3888 DSCF3889 DSCF3890 DSCF3891 DSCF3892 DSCF3893 DSCF3894 DSCF3895 DSCF3896 DSCF3897 DSCF3898