5″ gauge ‘KING ARTHUR’ class 4-6-0 tender locomotive

A model which has been in my personal collection for a number of years it is built to the Henry Greenly design and therefore to a scale of 1″ and a sixteenth to the foot. As a result the model overall, is larger than those built to the normal standard of 1″ to the foot for a 5″ gauge model.

In some ways this is beneficial as the boiler is bigger and on the motion most of the bearing surfaces are larger which makes for a more robust model.

Having never made any serious use of this model and having a second one in the collection I have now decided to sell this one. The model is complete and I have steamed this model privately a few times, so it is in working order but will require boiler certification and some other minor works to commission it into a usable model. I have a past boiler certificate for this model. The model requires a repaint as the major item affecting its appearance.

Fitted with a hand pump in the tender, an axle pump and also an injector it is well covered for boiler water feed. Mechanical lubrication is provided for the cylinders which are of the piston valve variety. The tender fitted is a six wheel design but I do also have an eight wheel tender available at additional cost should one wish to have this item, and make the model more suitable for use on ground level as the eight wheel tender will make a very suitable riding truck.   Pictures to follow or on request.   NOW SOLD                                             £6250.00