1.5″scale ALLCHIN ‘ROYAL CHESTER’ Project

This is a project for the 1.5″ scale ALLCHIN traction engine ‘Royal Chester’ to the W.J.Hughes design.

Started as one of two projects that the builder had under way the other being a 3.5″ gauge HUNSLET 4-6-0 Tank loco to the design by Robin Dyer. This project is quite well advanced with the boiler made to a good standard but as yet not tested, the wheels all made, most of the motion completed, all the necessary gears are present and a start has been made on the bunker. The horn plates and gearing are mostly assembled on the boiler and I hope the pictures give a clear indication of how much of the model is there. There is a set of drawings with this model and possibly a copy of the book by Hughes describing the build method.


DSCF3717 DSCF3718 DSCF3719 DSCF3720 DSCF3721 DSCF3722 DSCF3809 DSCF3810 DSCF3811 DSCF3812 DSCF3813 DSCF3814 DSCF3815 DSCF3816 DSCF3817 DSCF3818 DSCF3821 DSCF3822 DSCF3823 DSCF3824 DSCF3825 DSCF3826 DSCF3827