5″ gauge QUARRY HUNSLET 0-4-0 saddle tank locomotive.

Like the SWEET PEA shown in the part built models this is another part finished rebuild of a QUARRY HUNSLET . The model is built to the Don Young design with an enclosed cab and some nice detail.

Purchased by the previous owner as a project for repair/rebuild back in December 2016 from Station Road Steam he only completed the work to the stage shown in the pictures.

There is an almost air running chassis requiring the valve timing to be set and the steam chest covers to be fitted. The copper boiler comes with a past boiler certificate( photocopy) but a new hydraulic test could be carried out if required. The boiler appears to be in sound order and serviceable. The smoke box has been repaired but requires painting. The previous owner intended to refit the cab and saddle tank without painting just to keep some of the originality of the model as both items are serviceable,this is a matter of individual choice. Well advanced on the rebuild this model makes an excellent  passenger hauler when complete and would not take many hours in the workshop to achieve that aim.  Another interesting jigsaw puzzle.                                                                 £2995.00IMG_2309 IMG_2310IMG_2314 IMG_2313IMG_2318 IMG_2321IMG_2322 IMG_2317IMG_2326 IMG_2332 IMG_2330 IMG_2328 IMG_2327IMG_2343 IMG_2353IMG_2359 IMG_2358 IMG_2357 IMG_2356