7.25″ gauge ‘RAINHILL’ Victorian Locomotive.

This is a very unusual model to see,let alone in 7.25″ gauge and makes an excellent small locomotive in this larger gauge allowing the owner to have fun driving while still be easily transported. The loco is a one man lift, for those with a sound back, and could easily fit in quite a small hatchback motorcar.

Currently fitted with two injectors and a hand pump for water feed there is also an axle driven pump which has currently had the eccentric strap and rod removed. these items however come with the model so could be returned for use if required. A mechanical lubricator provides for the cylinder oil. Valve actuation is by slip eccentric so no need to worry about notching back when driving as there is no control.

The previous owner has runs this model at both Pembrey and Kingsbury tracks without any inconvenience to other track users. It is however limited on traction and a single adult is advisable. The model could be driven from the tender but the previous owner had an additional riding truck behind the loco and a long extension to reach the regulator. This truck is available, if required, by separate negotiation and is not included in the price.

The model has the usual silver soldered copper boiler for which there is both current and past boiler history. There is a video of this model on you tube under Rainhill on test for those interested in seeing it running.

This is not an expensive locomotive for a7.25″ gauge model at:-      NOW SOLD                                             £3250.00IMG_2360 IMG_2368 IMG_2369 IMG_4974 IMG_4966 IMG_2373 IMG_4967 IMG_4976 IMG_4973 IMG_4965 IMG_4968