5″ gauge ‘PRINCESS OF WALES’ Midland Tender Locomotive


Built to the Martin Evans design by the well known model engineer John Walker back in 1981. This model remains in excellent  mechanical condition even though it has covered several hundred’s of miles on a considerable number of tracks around the country while in John’s ownership.  Now in his eighties John has decided this model needs a new custodian.

There is full boiler history for the replacement boiler by Western Steam, fitted in 2014, with a current Hydraulic from BSME valid until 2023, but no current steam test. I do not expect there to be any problems in obtaining this as the model has never previously failed.

Sight feed lubrication is fitted for the cylinder lubrication with a hand pump in the tender and two injectors for the water feed. The locomotive is coupled to a six wheel tender allowing easier access to the controls and less of a stretch when driving.

Being a single driving wheel this model, like any other single, has a definite technique to driving to get the best results and this comes with experience. Having ,some years ago had the chance to drive this engine it’s all to do with momentum. Don’t think that it won’t pull a load, they are not engines to consider for public passenger haulage but with careful driving they will certainly be an enjoyable engine and provide many hours of fun, as this engine already has for John and the many other drivers that he has allowed to have a go, including myself.

A set of drawings, firing irons and a short missive from John about the particular design quirks that he has included for things like the ash pan and grate,comes with the model. There are also two spare injectors included.

Asking Price is:-           NOW SOLD                                                                                                                             £5995.00

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