Various castings.

I have a considerable collection of sets and part sets of castings for various models. If there is something in particular that you are looking for then please inquire. I do know that I have castings for ‘SPEEDY’, ‘SIMPLEX’, ‘SWEET PEA’, ‘ROB ROY’, 3.5″ ‘TICH’,3.5″ ‘BRITANNIA’ and GWR ‘COUNTY’ 4-6-0 the later is a complete set and includes drawings and a boiler kit. Prices would be by negotiation subject to what you require. there are also two complete kit for ‘STUART’ models which include the small weir type pump and the centrifugal pump. I also haveĀ  most of the castings and materials for a ‘QUORN’ tool and cutter grinder. Most of these have come to light while I have been moving some of my stock to new storage. Further items will be photographed and listed shortly.