7.25″ gauge ‘MIDGE’ or GWR 11XX class 0-4-0 dock tank.

An exceptionally well built and finished model to the ‘MIDGE’ design, the model has been completed in the style of a GWR 11XX 0-4-0 Dock Tank locomotive in GWR livery and numbered 1103.

Fitted with a commercial boiler manufactured by Southern Steam Services back in 1999 and with historical paperwork on the boiler testing until 2016 . I will be organizing renewal of this certification as part of the sale.
The model is in full working order and is fitted with an injector and hand pump in the associated riding /driving truck. This truck is a modified Keith Hartley unit fitted with coal space, the above mentioned hand pump and a large water tank, as the side tanks on the model are just for show. I think the pictures show the quality of this build but this is best seen by viewing the model in person. A set of drawings are included in the sale together with all the boiler history.                                                                                                                                                              £8950.00 IMG_2210 Midge IMG_2213 Midge IMG_2214 Midge IMG_2216 Midge  IMG_2218 Midge IMG_2220 MidgeIMG_2217 Midge IMG_2225 Midge IMG_4977 Midge Truck IMG_4978 Midge Truck IMG_4979 Midge Truck IMG_4980 Midge Truck IMG_4981 Midge Truck IMG_4982 Midge Truck IMG_4984 Midge Truck IMG_1490