5″ gauge GSWR ‘BALTIC TANK’ 4-6-4 locomotive

Apparently built in the 1990’s this model was started when a sheet of blued steel was obtained and this is still on the model under the poor black paintwork. The chassis still shows quite a lot of the original GSWR green,maroon and blued steel livery that this model obviously carried at one time.. Having looked at pictures on the internet of the original full size engines this is quite an accurate model with much of the detail included. Unfortunately much of this has been covered by the awful black paint . Fitted with an axle pump,injector and hand pump for boiler feed together with a mechanical pump for the cylinder oil feed

There is no current boiler paperwork with this model and also no past history so it is very much a rebuild/restoration project. I have had the chassis running on compressed air so this probably just need a strip down, clean, re-bush where necessary and a repaint. As for the boiler this is an unknown quantity and will need investigation. I may well carry this out soon so could have further information on request.

Please inquiry if this model is of interest as I am looking for best offers.056 057 058 059 060 061 066 069 070