5″ gauge 45XX ‘Small Prairie’ 2-6-2 tank locomotive part built

This is a well advanced, almost air running, chassis for this popular tank engine design by Martin Evans as published in the Model Engineer. Currently mounted on a frame enabling the model to be inverted, which comes with the model if required. The pony trucks are both made although not currently fitted to the chassis. There are castings for the smokebox front, chimney and safety valve petticoat as well as the tube for the smokebox. A set of the Model Engineers which cover the published design details are also with this part built model. Workmanship to date is of a very high standard but there are small amounts of surface rust on some parts of the frames and buffer beams                    NOW SOLD                                                                                                                                        £975.00IMG_1564 Prairie pb IMG_1576 Prairie pbIMG_1575 Prairie pb IMG_1573 Prairie pb IMG_1572 Prairie pb IMG_1571 Prairie pb IMG_1570 Prairie pb IMG_1569 Prairie pb IMG_1568 Prairie pb IMG_1567 Prairie pb IMG_1566 Prairie pbIMG_1577 Prairie pbIMG_1578 Prairie pb