5″ gauge LSWR ‘KING ARTHUR’ 4-6-0 tender Locomotive

The builder of this engine took the Martin Evans design in 2.5″ gauge and carefully scaled it up to 5″ gauge. this model has come from the same source as the Argentine tank and American ‘Consolidation’ that I have had previously but this time was of his own construction. Completed in the early 1990’s this model has seen regular use for club passenger haulage over the period and the paintwork is now quite tired. However mechanically this model is ready for use with current boiler certification and past boiler history. The model is fitted with just two injectors for the boiler water feed and I am assured that these have been very reliable. A mechanical lubricator is fitted to provide the cylinder lubrication. As the engine has the long eight wheel bogie tender there are appropriate long firing irons and also an extension for the regulator to make driving a little easier. The water taps for the injectors are fitted inside the tender to the rear to also help with their control. Finished in malachite green  lined Southern livery and named as Sir Boris de Ganis.         NOW SOLD                                                                    £7495.00IMG_1827 King ArthurIMG_1826 King ArthurIMG_1828 King Arthur IMG_1838 King ArthurIMG_1836 King Arthur IMG_1835 King ArthurIMG_1834 King Arthur IMG_1831 King ArthurIMG_1832 King Arthur IMG_1837 King ArthurIMG_1833 King Arthur