3.5″ gauge ‘BANTAM COCK’ 2-6-2 tender locomotive

This model arrived with me just before Christmas and I have given it a visual inspection and have commissioned it in to full working order with current boiler certification.  The model is currently finished in lined green LNER livery    Fitted with an axle pump and hand pump for water feed which meets the test requirements, but there is also a suitable steam take off and water supply from the tender for an injector to be fitted. A mechanical lubricator is fitted for the cylinder lubrication. This model is now back to a fully  working model which runs nicely in both forward and reverse on my rolling road.                                                                                                                      £2495.00IMG_1584 Bantam CockIMG_1579 Bantam Cock

IMG_1581 Bantam CockIMG_1815 Bantam CockIMG_1583 Bantam CockIMG_1586 Bantam CockIMG_1587 Bantam CockIMG_1585 Bantam Cock