3.5″ gauge ‘BANTAM COCK’ 2-6-2 tender locomotive

This model arrived with me just before Christmas and I have only given it a visual inspection at present. Having been on display, somewhere for a number of years, there is currently no boiler paperwork. The model is currently finished in lined green LNER livery and I am reluctant to spoil this in carrying out a strip down for a visual inspection of the boiler that my inspector may require. If not I will obtain certification on the boiler if required. Only fitted with an axle pump and hand pump for water feed this will meet the test requirements. A mechanical lubricator is fitted for the cylinder lubrication. This model has, at some time in the past, been a working model as there is evidence of the boiler having been fired. Moves freely and the motion is nicely made with crisp machining.                                                                                                                                                                       £2495.00IMG_1584 Bantam CockIMG_1579 Bantam Cock

IMG_1581 Bantam CockIMG_1815 Bantam CockIMG_1583 Bantam CockIMG_1586 Bantam CockIMG_1587 Bantam CockIMG_1585 Bantam Cock