Paddle Steamer ‘MISSISSIPPI SPRITE’ Stern Wheeler

Again built to exhibition standard by Mr.R.Roebuck of Guildford.

This model is to his own design with a twin cylinder ‘Borderer’ engine as the drive power with steam provided by a gas fired vertical boiler. The model is a little over 4ft in length with a beam of 10.5ins. The hull is a flat bottom design and is made substantially in fiberglass from his own molds. Butane is used as the burner fuel and is fitted in a tank in the prow of the model together with ballast to balance the weight otherwise it would be stern heavy.

This model is fitted with a dual channel radio control system for the regulator and tiller. The boiler on this model has a dual water feed system provided by a crankshaft driven pump and also a hand pump with water supply from the lake or pond where the model is running. Drive to the paddle wheel is by a system of chains and sprockets to run the external cranks to the rear paddle wheel. Most of this detail can be seen in the associated pictures.

A lot of carefully made woodwork detail and other items like the passengers and steers man are included and add to the overall quality of this model. I also have for this model some certificates for the exhibitions that it was displayed at being a cup winner at the 1993 Guildford MES rally and show.      NOW SOLD                      £1500.00

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