5″ gauge LMS ‘JINTY’ 0-6-0 tank locomotive.

A design of tank locomotive in 5″ gauge which you do not see modelled that often, but quite heavy and powerful like many 0-6-0 tank locomotives were in full size and should have ample tractive effort in model form to cope with passenger haulage, Although complete and certainly running on air nicely in both directions, this model is a restoration project, having suffered through poor storage, and also from being slightly more than tarred and feathered in the paint department.

I will hopefully carry out a twice times hydraulic test as there appears to be no leakage problems when run with compressed air, but it will be sold as a project with no current certification on the boiler. A boiler number is present on the back head and shows that the model has almost certainly been tested previously.

Having carried out quite a comprehensive inspection of the model it was well built and detailed to start with and  I hope the pictures show this. It is fitted with a mechanical lubricator for cylinder lubrication. Water feed is catered for by a hand pump,injector and axle pump with bypass.  The latter looks to have been fed from a supply on the riding truck together with the injector. A vacuum ejector has been fitted to provide vacuum for brakes on the train/riding truck. The model is also fitted up with an electrical system to power the front lights and one in the cab to view the water and pressure gauges during poor visibility or at night. Unusually the model is fitted with a poppet valve type regulator on the back head of the boiler which certainly allows easier maintenance of this important item.

The model has nameplates for ‘BISHOP OFFLEY’ on the valance of the running boards and apparently came from the Stafford area according to the previous owner.  If anyone has further information on this model history please let us know.There are also a set of drawings for the Martin Evan’s design included.    NOW SOLD             £2995.00

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