7.25″ gauge NER Class T2 tender locomotive.

This model is well advanced and built to an exceptionally high standard with the engineering quality much as you would expect from a member of staff in the Robotic’s department of a university.

Based originally on the LBSC design NETTA which LBSC published designs for, gauge ‘1’ to 5″ but never in 7.25″. The builder has taken the 5″ design and scaled everything up an necessary but with improvements as required to make a true scale model of this North Eastern Railway design from 1913.

As the full size engines were designed for heavy freight work, you would appreciate that the model should have excellent tractive effort for passenger haulage if required.

Details on the model show that it has a Swindon copper boiler with appropriate test markings which was to be feed by two injectors for water feed. Cylinder lubrication has as yet not been finalized in the design.

I understand that all parts for the running chassis have been made and this has run on air,however these parts have now started to be stripped ready for the painting exercise. Much of the plate work and boiler cladding is complete as is the construction of the tender. Many small details like the cab windows have also been completed. Backhead fittings are included as are the builder’s notes drawings and research books and articles.

Much work is still required to complete this model but you would own an exceptional piece of engineering as well as an very useable model. The price asked has to take into consideration the current costs involved in having a commercially built boiler made for this size of model and also the quality of construction.                                 £15000IMG_0795 IMG_0796 IMG_0797 IMG_0798 IMG_0799IMG_1105IMG_1106IMG_1104IMG_1103IMG_1102