7.25″ Gauge Kerr Stuart ‘WREN’

This model has been under construction for a number of years and the builder has reach an age where he can no longer complete the model. I have received instructions to complete the minor outstanding work and then offer the model on the market.

The model has a John Ellis commercial boiler constructed back in 1991 and tested, the original paperwork for this is with the model together with drawings and the constructors notes and sketches.

As you can see the model is now complete and awaiting an initial steam test, it runs extremely well in both directions with compressed air and I am expecting no real problems with the final testing.

The model only has a crosshead pump and injector for water feed, a suitable backhead location is available to fit another clack for a hand pump should this be required,either on the loco or from a riding truck. The saddle tank is of stainless steel construction. Cylinder lubrication is by mechanical pump.

All together a nice ‘NEW’ 7.25″ narrow gauge model which will hopefully give many years service and priced as such.           NOW SOLD                                                                                                                                                 £7500.00IMG_0991 IMG_0995  IMG_1084 IMG_1083     IMG_0992IMG_0994IMG_1085IMG_1081IMG_1079IMG_1078IMG_1086