5″ gauge GWR ‘KING’ class 4-6-0 locomotive

This is a nice example of a GWR  ‘KING’  class locomotive which has been built as a working model with basic detail. In full working order with current boiler certification, on the commercially built boiler, this model will make a powerful passenger haulage model able to cope with almost any situation.

The model has the full four cylinders, with a mechanical lubricator mounted under the footplate in front of the cylinder on the offside of the model. Water feed is provided by an injector, axle driven pump and a hand feed pump in the tender.

Unusually, this model is currently painted in the blue livery experimented with, on these engines in the early BR period and now carried by  King Edward II at the Didcot Raiway Centre of the Great Western Society and depicts this engine in its current condition and is therefore historically correct. I have a few pictures at present but will add some more when I can.                                                                                                                                                  £9750.00 King 3 King 4DSC08327