5″ gauge Nickel Plate Road ‘CONSOLIDATION’ 2-8-0

As this engine is built to the American loading gauge it is a very large model for 5″ gauge with a tender that is 4ft long so the overall length of loco and tender is 8ft 6 ins. Built by the same person as the Argentine ‘BALTIC’ tank locomotive that we have recently sold this model is well detailed and in full working order with current boiler certification and past history.

With such a long tender this model has been designed to be driven from the tender when on ground level tracks but also on the raised track ,when the centre section of the tender body is removed to allow a seat to be fitted between two water tanks,looks a little strange but is very practical, therefore no extra driving truck required.

The model has a copper boiler and I have an album showing construction of this and several other parts of the model. Water feed is by an axle pumps, a single injector and a very nice two cylinder donkey pump as often fitted to American locos. Cylinder lubrication  is by mechanical pump mounted between the frames at the front of the engine.

You may notice from the pictures that there is an additional four wheeled bogie fitted at the rear of the engine, this has been added carefully by the previous owner to make the model a more stable 2-8-4 wheel configuration and should make for a smoother running locomotive. If however a purchaser wished to revert to the original 2-8-0 wheel set up this is very easily achieved by the release of the single mounting for the bogie. NOW SOLD       £8950WP_20171016_12_54_48_Pro WP_20171016_12_54_48_Pro 2 WP_20171016_12_56_25_Pro