5″ gauge LSWR C14 0-4-0 Dock Tank Locomotive

This model has been built by a railway engineer of many years standing having started his career at Ashford Works  as an apprentice and remained in the rail industry until retirement.

He started with Don Young’s modified design for Railmotor Three and has adapted it to give an even more realistic model of this small LSWR dock tank locomotive. The model is in full working order with current boiler certification and full past boiler history.Water feed is by hand pump axle pump and an injector,water feed for the later is provided from an external source rather than the small side tanks. The mechanical pump for the cylinder  lubrication carefully fitted between the frames behind the smoke box saddle, with access for filling. Much additional detail has been added like lamp irons of the correct type,vacuum pipes, good representations of the sand boxes and brakes fitted and working from the cab located hand brake. The model was run in its current condition,partially painted, for four years from 2007 to 2011 and has then been dry stored. I have recommissioned the model but completion of the paintwork is still required. Specification is as follows

Length Loco 19″  Boiler Diameter 4.75″ Cylinder Bore 1.25″ Driving Wheels 3.5″ dia. Weight Approx 75lbs.

This is another smaller compact 5″ loco which is reasonable easy to manhandle and will fit in the boot of most cars.Comes complete with a wooden case for protection during transport.   NOW SOLD                               £2995.00IMG_0754IMG_0745 IMG_0747IMG_0760IMG_0756IMG_0762 IMG_0749  IMG_0753IMG_0759   IMG_0758