7.25″ gauge 0-6-0 tank locomotive ‘SAMSON’

This large tank locomotive started live to the design by D.Stockings for a model called HERMES. This has resulted in an over size model of an LMS ‘Dock Tank’ of the 47160 series introduced by Fowler in 1928

This is a substantial model with cylinder dimensions of 2.125″ bore with a stroke of approximately 3.75″,  a boiler diameter 6.75″ and an overall length for the Model of approx. 54″.

The model has current boiler certification on the copper boiler and has been used as the mainstay engine for public running at the Brandon club in Suffolk. Fitted with twin axle pumps and an injector for water feed, a mechanical lubricator for cylinder lubrication and a vacuum ejector for  the brakes both on the train and also the riding truck, which comes with the model. A separate water tank is fitted to the riding truck and supplies the injector with cool water. Brake controls are fitted to the engine as shown in the pictures.

The riding truck has a fitted hand brake as well as the vacuum brakes, a nice padded seat with backrest and firm footrests all to provide driver comfort..

A nice three tone chime whistle is fitted for any audible warnings required.

In use for passenger haulage this model has coped with loads of up to 25 adults so if you are looking for a sound model with excellent haulage capacity then this should meet the mark.    NOW SOLD                              £10500.00    IMG_0725    IMG_0726  IMG_0729                                 IMG_0728         IMG_0738IMG_0727 IMG_0737IMG_0739    IMG_0730IMG_0734IMG_0736IMG_0740IMG_0744IMG_0731 IMG_0732    IMG_0733