3.5″ gauge 0-6-2 tank locomotive.

This model is based on the LBSC design ‘MONA’ but has been modified and improved by the builder to be similar to a Rhymney Railway class ‘M’ locomotive. the model is in full working order with past boiler history back to 1986 and I will be renewing the certification before sale. Fitted with a hand pump,axle pump and injector for water feed. A displacement lubricator is fitted to the side of the smoke box to represent the air pump fitted to the original full size locomotive, for the cylinder lubrication oil. This is a very practical smaller model in 3.5″ gauge with modest  haulage capacity but with size and weight in its favor for someone requiring a loco to transport around and still have fun with.                                                                   NOW SOLD                                                                            £2350.00IMG_1558   IMG_1561  IMG_1563 IMG_1566   IMG_1567 Mona Megan IMG_1565IMG_1560IMG_1562 IMG_1568